Roof Truss

New Garage/Storage Building Trusses
We just received our new garage/storage building truss system. It will allow you to build a small garage or storage building in record time. This is a unique product available ONLY from McBride Building Supply. We understand that time is money. That's why we developed this product. It will help both contractors and do-it-youselfers to build quickly an economically.
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Garage Truss
Custom Designed Wooden Trusses
All of the wooden trusses we sell are custom designed to your specifications. They are designed using a state-of-the-art computer program to ensure that all of our trusses comply with applicable building codes.
Roof Truss
Great Prices. Uncontested Quality.
When you buy your wooden roof trusses you'll get top-quality trusses at very competitive prices. We're locally owned and operated, and our experience and knowledge of the industry sets us apart from all competition. We serve contractors, building designers, home remodelers, and architects throughout Lancaster, South Carolina, and all of the Carolinas.
Roof Truss

Come to McBride Building Supply for high-quality wooden roof trusses. We carry wooden trusses for all types of roofs. Whether you need trusses for a pitched, flat, triangular, or scissor roof, we can help you. Our wooden roof trusses are ideal for both single- and multi-story, residential and commercial construction. For your convenience, delivery is available.


Roof Truss
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Roof Truss
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